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End Commission Suspicion
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It’s an all-too-common scenario in meetings and events today: Hotels account for commission payments owed on room block bookings–without the proper insight into event attendance, rooms booked outside of the block, and shoulder bookings that increase revenue from events.On the other end of event accounting, agencies see their attendee list and final commission payment and wonder why the numbers don’t add up, leading to commission suspicion.Commission suspicion sets in when hotels, planners and travel agencies manage separate accounting for meetings and events. It leads to fractured partnerships, agent inquiries, and delayed payment for agencies.

Today, technology helps solve some of these headaches and grow profitable partnerships for hotels and event planners.


GroupPay is an intuitive event automation platform that gives hotels, agencies, and meeting planners the transparency and efficiency they need to easily monitor and manage post-contract event details.

for Hotels

GroupPay gives hotels a near real-time view of event room block fulfillment to maximize revenue, syncs booking and stay data to bypass payment disputes, and provides event partners with faster, more accurate payment.

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for Travel Agents

GroupPay gives event organizers an at-a-glance view of event commission payment status, payment fulfillment, and event commission revenue gained, and organizers receive payment in the currency and method of their choice.

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